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English Class 9th Meeting

26 October 2018

Dear, students.


Let’s learn English together! Don’t be ashamed if our English is not perfect, it’s not our mother tongue so it’s understandable. The important thing is to keep practicing and trying to speak in English as much as you can.


Please click the link below for our 9th meeting.

Pelatihan Pengolahan Koleksi dalam Mendukung Pengembangan Perpustakaan Desa

26 October 2018


Community empowerment through the Village Library is a very important tool in increasing the information literacy of rural communities. In the management of the library, the collection is the main thing and human resources is very important in maintaining the existence of the library itself. Sub district Junrejo not yet have people who are able to give responsibility for developing and managing the village. Related to these things this dedication to provide training and assistance in processing library collection. The output targets of this devotion are: a) to enrich and add to the repertoire of concepts and theories about the processing of printed and non-printed materials; 2) developing models and strategies on collection management in the development of a village library; c) sub district officials and village offices have knowledge in development and have the ability to carry out library material processing activities; and d) communities with sub districts that can be used to develop education, reading interest, and information literacy. Training in this task is the employees of village and sub district offices and kindergarten teachers in Junrejo Sub district. the implementation method used is theory and practice. Based on the realization and problem solving that has been implemented shows that the overall activity of this devotion has been run in accordance with the objectives, targets, and benefits that have been planned. So that the employees of the sub district office, village office, and kindergarten teachers in Junrejo Sub district, Batu City get provisions to apply knowledge about community empowerment through village libraries and village library management.

Keywords: training, village library, library collection processing

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Model knowledge sharing pada grup Facebook Backpacker Dunia

26 October 2018


Facebook is the largest networking site in the world with a growing number of users. Currently, Facebook has evolved into a site that can be used for information sharing by individuals through their personal accounts in the group called ‘Backpacker Dunia’, totaling 104,130 members whose hobby is traveling all over the world. This study aimed to identify (1) the relationship between commitment, excitement of helping others, reputation, and the group’s appreciation of attitudes towards knowledge sharing, (2) the relationship between attitudes toward knowledge sharing and purpose of knowledge sharing, (3) the appropriate model for knowledge sharing in this study. This knowledge sharing model was adapted from the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA). The method used in this study was quantitative with an online questionnaire instrument to facilitate the collection of data because the respondents were in cyberspace. SEM-PLS and Smart-PLS 3.0 were used as methods and tools for data analysis and constructing a knowledge sharing model in this study. The number of respondents in the study was 54 people. In the model proposed in the study were 4 hypotheses in the tested coefficient path and one of them was not significant. The study reveals that the relationship between commitment and attitude toward knowledge sharing is not significant, while the relationship between excitement of helping others and attitude towards knowledge sharing; reputation and attitude towards knowledge sharing; attitude toward knowledge sharing and purpose of knowledge sharing are significant.


Knowledge sharing; Facebook; Traveling; Theory of reasoned action